TBD Catalog


Editor in Chief: Julian Bleecker

Creative Directors: Nick Foster, Fabien Girardin,        Nicolas Nova, Emmet Byrne

Art Direction: Nick Foster

Layout and Typography: Lena Tesone

Editorial and Conceptual Team: Aaron Straup Cope,     Bruce Sterling,Cezanne Charles, Chris Woebken, Christian Svanes Kolding, Emmet Byrne, James Bridle, John Marshall, Julian, Bleecker, Karl Daubmann, Marc Greuther, Marcus Bleecker, Meghan Mulholland, Moka Pantages, Nicolas Nova, Nick Foster, Raphael Grignani, Tom Bray, Zack Jacobsen-Weaver

TBD Catalog is a piece of design fiction that explores mundane bits of the future that are often ignored by science fiction narratives. It is an investigation of the near future that may not be the one we want, but could be the one we get.

TBD Catalog works as a vehicle for capturing our growing ambivalence towards our ever-increasing personal metadata and comments on our concern (or lack of concern) with privacy, security and surveillance. 

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