The Biogenous Project is a start-up in Pittsburgh that is creative innovative waste-to-energy systems.

You can find the website that I designed for them  > here <

Below is a gallery of stills from the website.


The Biogenous Project published a paper entitled "Biogenous Buildings" and presented it at the European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Theory 2014 in Vienna Austria. Below is the slide presentation that I put together for the EMCSR 2014 conference. 

You can find a copy of the paper "Biogenous Buildings" > here <


While I was at The Biogenous Project I developed the brand and identity of the organization. I prepared a set of style guidelines so that The Biogenous Project will be able to maintain their strong visual brand once I was no longer there. The Biogenous Project still uses the style guidelines that are in the style sheets I created below. 

Style Sheets

This is a video that I put together for The McGinnis Business Competition

I also had the pleasure of designing print communications